Friday, March 2, 2012

Time to Amp, Revamp and Camp

Care More Creations
Druzy Agate to be displayed
at MTV Movie Awards
Since the busy holiday season, I have been lax in the necessary daily tasks of promoting my wire wrapped jewelry.   Don’t get me wrong….I still am completely inspired by my craft.  I still get on my computer every morning, checking my emails, checking in on Facebook, and BAM! I am off in Facebook land for hours.  Every day, like clockwork.  It is quite humorous actually.  I have countless tasks on my “TO DO” list, which just gets longer and longer.  But Facebook land sucks me in every time.  My TO DO list consists mainly of “learning” tasks.  *learn twitter *learn Google+ *learn to make a press kit *learn SEO along with the countless e-books I have paid for and downloaded.  It is time to AMP it up!  I woke up this morning with a new excitement!  I am going to figure this marketing out!

The Artisan Group
This past September I was invited to join The Artisan Group, an exclusive group of talented artists that are represented at Hollywood’s finest celebrity Gift Lounges such as The Emmys, Golden Globes and Academy Awards.  I was so honored.  Valerie Guerrero, our founder, and Nikki Cutro, co-founder put their heart and soul into our group.  My first reaction of course was how awesome it would be to have my jewelry seen and worn by celebrities.  But since then I have learned that being a member of the group is so much more.  We are a close knit community.  We promote, coach, inspire, teach and cheer each other on.  I have learned so much about business and marketing, but better yet, I have learned so much about myself.  I am so excited about participating in the upcoming MTV Movie Awards this June.  So it is time to REVAMP!!  Time to get my act together.  Time to streamline my business and my presence out there in cyber space to be ready for possibilities this opportunity is going to give me.  It is time to get to that TO DO list... 

Labradorite on Etsy
I am such a regimented person.  I am so organized with my studio.  All of my gemstones, beads, tools are in their proper place.  Even my goals are nice and organized on my TO DO list.  But acting upon them has been the hardest task of all.  It is so overwhelming.   It is time to stop running around hilly nilly all day and actually CAMP myself behind my e-books and learn, learn, learn how to take this business to the next level!  Wish me luck.  I will be back, keeping you informed with my progress.  I will share my adventures over the next few months preparing for The MTV Movie Awards Gift Lounge…

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Ammonite Fossil Wire Wrapped Pendant Necklace in Silver - Healing Gemstone - $62.00

"Seascape" is an ammonite fossil wire wrapped pendant necklace that I handcrafted swirling and shaping nontarnish silver plate wire by hand to create a beautiful setting that enhances the natural beauty, color and shape of the stone. This unique agatized fossil gemstone has shades of brown and beige with quartz-like crystals throughout. It is a fascinating jewel of nature. The elegant swirl wire-wrapped set...

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